Undergraduate Testimonials

“The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland have engaged Castel Education to deliver the English language component of the International Medical Commencement (IMCP) program at the Institute of Technology Tralee. The IMCP programme was initiated in 2009 and is a bespoke programme designed to prepare international students, who’s first language is not English, for the undergraduate programmes of medicine, physiotherapy and pharmacy that are offered in RCSI. The IMCP has students from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Iraq, Uganda and Nigeria and the challenges of integrating these young students into life in Ireland and third level education are significant. To meet this challenge, Castel provide a comprehensive range of non-academic support services to ensure the smooth transition of these students from their home Countries to life in Ireland. The services include but are not limited to, orientation, visa advice and processing, Garda Immigration, accommodation, transport, health information in addition to a range of office hours support.

Philip Curtis, Associate Director, The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland


My experience in ITT and working with Castel Education was beyond amazing. Castel Education team of teachers were so friendly and helpful in every possible way; from the time of my arrival to Ireland until I got my IELTS certificate in the English Language Programme along with my IMCP program certificate.

My English language skills have developed enormously and I am so thankful to Castel Education for providing everything I needed to make that happen.

The team was so professional, organized and so welcoming that I never felt I was a stranger.

They encouraged us to join clubs and societies in the college and there we met many new friends and improved our language skills. They also organized many trips and events through the year for us and showed us the beauty of County Kerry and I still keep going back there even though whenever I have the chance.

Thank you Castel Education ;

Maher Alawnah

RCSI Medical Student


I was previously an IMCP student in the year 2015/2016. I am so thankful to Castel Education staff for all the support in terms of improving my skills in IELTS performance and their teaching on the Advanced Language Module once I had met my IELTS requirement. In addition, many thanks for promoting the importance of flexibility in communication between different genders and people with different cultural backgrounds. After leaving Tralee, I felt I had confidence communicating in many different environments.  Your patience with students on the IMCP is highly acknowledged.

Modhi AlShereedah

RCSI Medical Student


The ELP gave me many significant advantages. It improved my English language skills while also assisted me to build on my CV for the future. I joined many medical courses that were provided by the institute for example first aid course – cardiac response among many others. In addition, ELP aims to help the student to cope with the problem of homesickness by providing various activities and cultural trips to different parts of Ireland. From my perspective, one of the greatest benefits was being part of an Irish host family which gave me the opportunity to experience a different culture and improve my language.

Ali Almuhanna

English Language Programme Student from Kuwait


My experience of the International Pharmacy Commencement Programme was really good. We had some very useful science subjects which can make it easier to start off in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dublin. The IPCP helped me to develop my language skills through ALS and ALM classes that focuses on English language improvement. I have enjoyed the activities that was prepared by the IT Tralee and Castel Education such as the international day and it was a great opportunity to engage with different nationalities. Finally, the IPCP subjects were really handy to prepare me for my future studies.

Alaa Alshakhes 

International Pharmacy Commencement Programme (IPCP)




This year was totally different and perfect experience for me. I thought there would be lots of difficulties before I came to Tralee but Castel Education really helped me to get used to my collage environment and Ireland. In the collage all teachers were so kind and helpful also they were like my friends. I learned lots of things related to English and IELTS but also I learned how to live abroad thanks to Castel.. I won’t forget my year in Tralee and I will come to Tralee and visit for many years.

Dilara Çelik ELP English Language Programme

Turkish Student


Personally, I found the foundation year in Podiatric Medicine very beneficial as it gave me the time to get used to studying in English and adapt to the Irish culture. Moreover, I learned most of the basic tasks which make the first-year on the Podiatric Medicine course a lot easier to me.

One of the important factors to consider when thinking about studying abroad is the country and place, you are going to study in.  Living in Ireland is wonderful opportunity to experience another country and culture as well as gaining a professional qualification. What I like the most about Ireland is that it is very quiet and safe place, additionally, people are really friendly. They pay attention to cultural differences and try to respect it. For example, IT Tralee were aware of the number of Muslim people who study there and they provided us with a prayer room which I really appreciated.

Jumanna Al Kerri

Saudi Podiatric Medicine Student, NUIG