Online Language Testimonials

I have to thank my online tutor for believing in my ability from the first session and motivating me in all my online classes. . Castel Education offered endless online language training and support until the last moment.  The feedback on all the skills was excellent and I improved my English after every online class. It is definitely hands on with Castel Education until we meet our dreams. I am forever grateful.  I met my language requirement through online classes that were flexible to my busy working life.

Fatima Hamad Al Jneibi

Specialist Physician

RCPI Trainee


As a college student, mastering English is a very important skill. Through the online English courses, I can clearly feel the progress of speaking English.My major is physical education, so English will play a crucial role in my future work career. I have made great progress through several weeks of study, especially in speaking and writing. Meanwhile, online courses are also very helpful for listening.I really appreciate the help of the online course

Darius Hu

Beijing Sports University




I really appreciate for this online courses and my teacher. I have gained lots of knowledge and skills from every session. The teacher gave me some useful suggestions and it really helped me to rise my score in IELTS test. Although I made some basic mistakes frequently, the teacher is always patient and taught me how to correct them. Not only can I improve my English by practicing, but I also built my confidence. It is worthwhile for me to Castel Connected this course and I think I am lucky that I can get help from this.

Yanjin Li

Beijing Sports Univerity

MSc in Sports Performance University of Limerick