"The ELP gave me many significant advantages. It improved my English language skills while also assisted me to build on my CV for the future. I joined many medical courses that were provided by the institute for example first aid course - cardiac response among many others. In addition, ELP aims to help the student to cope with the problem of homesickness by providing various activities and cultural trips to different parts of Ireland. From my perspective, one of the greatest benefits was being part of an Irish host family which gave me the opportunity to experience a different culture and improve my language."

-    Ali Almuhanna, English Language Programme Student from Kuwait

"The programme succeeded in developing my language skills through IELTS and English classes. I have enjoyed joining societies inside and outside the institution, attending guest lectures and making new friends from different nationalities."

-     Amenah Dhannoon, International Medical Commencement Programme student from Iraq

"I learnt how to manage my time better, be open minded to new ideas, to speak up and express my thoughts and to learn from my mistakes. The staff and teachers of the course are dedicated, friendly and very helpful."

-     Khalid Al Munaikh, International Medical Commencement Programme student from Kuwait

"Working with Castel Education has been a tremendous help to me as Head of International Affairs with the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland at two levels. Firstly, Castel Education have been invaluable to me in the planning and preparation of our entry to Postgraduate Medical Training in the Middle East;and secondly in the personal support services they provide to individual trainees we recruit as they prepare to come to Ireland for training. Their experience and networking with Middle Eastern Government Agencies, coupled with their clear focus on outcome, have contributed enormously to identifying the key agencies we engage with. All of the doctors on our new Fellowship and Residency Programmes have spoken in glowing terms of their engagement with Castel and the smooth and seamless transition to Ireland through their engagement with Castel Education."

-     Mr. John Magner, Head of International Affairs, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland

"The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland have engaged Castel Education to deliver the English language component of the International Medical Commencement (IMCP) program at the Institute of Technology Tralee. The IMCP programme was initiated in 2009 and is a bespoke programme designed to prepare international students, who's first language is not English, for the undergraduate programmes of medicine, physiotherapy and pharmacy that are offered in RCSI. The IMCP has students from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Iraq, Uganda and Nigeria and the challenges of integrating these young students into life in Ireland and third level education are significant. To meet this challenge, Castel provide a comprehensive range of non-academic support services to ensure the smooth transition of these students from their home Countries to life in Ireland. The services include but are not limited to, orientation, visa advice and processing, Garda Immigration, accommodation, transport, health information in addition to a range of office hours support.

-     Philip Curtis, Associate Director, The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

"Each time I've moved to a new country, my biggest concern is a smooth & effortless transition. Thanks to Castel Education's help, being available 24/7 & welcome package, my transition was much smoother than I could ever hope for. Castel Education was also open to all my constructive criticism & constantly working to improve its services. Good luck and thanks for all your help."

-     Dr. Rakan R. Al-Turki, Plastic Surgery Senior House Officer, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland & Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, King Fahad Specialist Hospital - Dammam

"The Kuwait Cultural Office has engaged with Castel Education since its establishment. It delivers English Language Training to our students on the International Medical and Pharmacy Commencement Programmes through its excellent English Language School. Furthermore, Castel provides a range of supports to our students which have ensured a happy student cohort during their preparations for their professional careers and we are delighted with student performance in both their Commencement Programme and their Medical/Pharmacy studies after. More recently, Castel Education has provided crucial support to Kuwaiti doctors embarking on Postgraduate Medical Training in Ireland. We are indebted to Castel Education for their professional and thorough approach and their attention to detail in all aspects of their engagement with our students, both undergraduate and postgraduate."

-     Dr. Maisaa Alwohhaib, Head of Kuwait Cultural Office, Dublin

"For me, the ELP course was a mix of fun and an unforgettable experience, it gave me the chance and time to practice my hobbies; I learned how to cook, travel alone and gave me confidence to join the gym and become involved in clubs and societies. I also had a great time learning about the Irish culture both in class and on organized college trips. Additionally, the Elective Modules I took were very informative and a constructive challenge that encouraged me to prepare better for my IMCP year. I was introduced to tertiary level in gradual steps, which helped me blend in easily while mixing with the many diligent students I came across during the year."

-     Sarah Almutairi, English Language Programme Student from Kuwait