Programme Focus: English and Information Technology
Duration: Two weeks
Age: 15+
Minimum Level: B1
Hours of English Tuition: 15+/week
Activities: English Classes, Coding Workshops, Expert Lectures, Cultural Activities, Excursions, Group Projects and Evening Entertainment
Accommodation: Student Apartments or Host Family Stays
Number of students per class: Max. 15
Course Description: Technolingual is designed to improve students’ overall language ability and to develop communication skills specific to the area of computer sciences. Individuals who enrol on this course are typically high school or college students looking to enhance their English language skills in preparation for future studies in the area of Information Technology. The programme structure enables students to improve their English language competency while also developing a range of skills applicable to third level education.

English Language Training

Morning classes employ themes and subject matter from a technological context. The focus is firmly placed on effective communication and academic preparation for the students’ choice of tertiary study in the area of Information Technology. A variety of activities are incorporated into class time ensuring the various learning styles of students are met.

Project Work
This is a key component of the programme and encourages students to apply their newly acquired language skills. Students work independently and in small groups to complete projects on a wide range of technology related topics. They are given the opportunity to engage in coding workshops and technology seminars and lectures. All programme participants are invited to meet and converse with local I.T company directors and experts from the technological field.

Cultural Activities
Total immersion is encouraged for the duration of the programme. One way that we facilitate this is through cultural activities and excursions. Students participate in various different games, presentations, and interactive activities which ultimately enhance their ability to communicate and function effectively using the medium of the English language. Participants on this programme will visit a number of Ireland’s major cities and some of its most famous tourist sites and landmarks.

During all Castel courses, we offer optional one-to-one tutorials. Students have the opportunity to schedule additional classes with Castel trainers during free slots in the overall programme timetable. These sessions aim to focus on individual problems and issues and attend to difficulties students may be experiencing in their language learning journey. Tutors guide the student through a series of exercises and activities which directly target the problem area and ultimately enhance the student’s all-round language competency.

For the duration of this programme, students will enjoy the very best in student accommodation. There are a number of options available and the choice is purely in the hands of the participant. We offer comfortable, modern and spacious student apartments or, if you seek complete immersion during your stay, we arrange homestays with host families located a short distance from the main campus. If the latter is your preference, then you will be treated to a friendly Irish welcome, pleasant conversation on your return from scheduled camp activities and, not to mention, three home cooked meals daily. This is certainly our recommended option as we take great pride in the quality of our affiliated host family network.