General English

On our General English Programme, Castel places the learner at the centre of their approach to English language teaching.  We believe that it is important for learners to have a solid understanding of grammar and emphasis is placed on the written language and grammatical features in texts. Learners become familiar with word families as they build on their vocabulary and basic linguistic skills.

Students are encouraged to be active, independent learners and to express their own views and experiences in the learning context. Project work is incorporated into lessons with students producing their own presentations & newsletters. Throughout the programme students engage in activities and cultural trips facilitating their immersion into Irish life and culture.

Learners are encouraged to keep records of all classroom work, homework and assessment results to analyse their most common errors and identify areas where they are progressing.. The overall aim of this programme is to increase students' fluency and accuracy both written and orally while also developing students' receptive skills.