Family English

Programme Focus: English and Culture
Duration: Two weeks
Age: 2 years + (Parents must accompany their children on this programme)
Minimum Level: A1
Hours of English Tuition: Depends on preferences of client
Activities: English Classes, Golf, Scenic Walks, Bowling, Boat Tours, Cultural Activities, Excursions, Group Projects and Evening Entertainment
Accommodation: Apartments, Host Family Stays, 5-star Hotel
Number of students per class: Families can opt for private classes or become part of a group (maximum 15 students)
Course Description: Castel Family English is structured to attend to the specific needs and requirements of families when embarking on an English language study abroad course. The programme is designed to accommodate all language competencies from beginner to advanced level. The main aims are to improve participants’ overall language ability, to develop communication skills, and to introduce the entire family to the beauty and wonder of the Emerald Isle.

We cater for kids as young as three years of age and for adults ranging from A2 to C2 on the CEFR scale. Classes for younger children employ an interactive approach using videos, games, sports, drama and web-based lessons, to engage the students and to encourage them to communicate through English. Adult classes are tailored to the needs of the individuals. Parents may simply want to observe the techniques and methods utilised by our trainers, they may want to participate in the lessons or, perhaps, they may wish to have separate lessons, one-to-one or otherwise, customised for their personal needs. We can accommodate any of these options or offer a combination; it really depends on the preferences of the client.

In the afternoons, participants enjoy organised activities for all the family. These activities include boating, orienteering, hiking, cultural games, scenic walking tours, bowling and team building exercises. These activities are structured to involve all family members and to create a fun and interactive environment for participants to casually engage with our native English speaking team of trainers. Participants on this programme will visit a number of Ireland’s major cities and some of its most famous tourist sites and landmarks.

Evenings are set aside for leisure time. Families can either take the time for themselves, or take part in organised activities designed to incorporate all family members and provide a relaxing yet engaging end to the day. The evening session also offers an opportunity for kids to take part in fun games with our trainers while adults acquaint themselves with the Irish nightlife. Co. Kerry is a region rich with fabulous restaurants, beautiful beaches and colourful café bars. This time can be used to explore all of these things, and much more.

This programme is quite unique compared to our other offerings and, as such, requirements are different from the perspective of the client. For this reason, we provide specialised options in terms of accommodation. Castel have a number of hotel and holiday home partners in the area surrounding the campus and through these affiliations, we are able to offer a host of 5 star choices for prospective participants. Families who sign up for this programme can opt for a hotel stay for the duration of the course or they can choose from a number of 5 star residences which they can call home for the entirety of their arrangement with our organisation. We also offer a 24/7 shuttle bus service which means that transport will never be an issue and clients may come and go as they please.