8-week Medical English & IELTS


This programme is designed to improve overall language ability, develop communication skills specific to a medical setting and comprehensively prepare students for the IELTS English language examination. Individuals who enrol on this course are typically high school or college students looking to enhance their English language skills in preparation for future studies in the area of Medicine or Health Sciences. The programme structure enables students to improve their English language competency while also developing a range of skills applicable to third level education. 

Programme Consistency

Medical English [ME] - Lessons delivered through context of medicine with focus on medical terminology and discipline specific communication skills

(10 hours per week)

IELTS Preparation [IP] - 4 key skills will be developed i.e. speaking, reading, writing & listening with focus placed firmly on IELTS exam techniques and strategies

(10 hours per week)

Guest Lectures [GL] - Lectures delivered by local GPs, consultants and professionals from the medical field                              

(One Lecture per week)

University Campus Visits [UCV] - Students visit University campus for a Medical faculty tour. Also, an opportunity for student cohort to explore options of studying Medicine at an Irish third level facility

Social Activities [SA] – Excursions to various parts of Ireland and cultural activities scheduled during evening sessions            

(One Excursion per fortnight plus 6 hours per week activities)